Bye Bye Wordpress

Few years ago I’ve made a Wordpress blog to talk about development and algorithms in general. The main idea was to retribute the worldwide developers community with code and ideas the same way they have contributed to me/us all these years since I first became interested in coding dating back from 2000. Yeah! It’s been awhile =D.

The main reason I’m making this switch is because I want my projects to be backed by project pages, there’s no better fit for this than github pages (at least not while I wrote this post). If I’m going to use github pages it is best to keep it all in one place and move my blog there too.

I know has a lot of advantages and it was good to start writing there, but the truth is that while I was happy to have a ready-made blog I was also sad feeling that my skills were being limited. I want to focus on writing but I also want freedom to change any line of code that I need to. A ready-made template is good at the beginning but after awhile it’s not mine, it’s not me. Yes, I could pay for the pro plan and design my own template, but you see, Wordpress was getting in my way and not the other way around.

That’s the trigger to look at the community again and evolve. That’s how I’ve found github pages, that’s how I’ve learn about Jekyll, Liquid and kramdown. Being a developer creating non-commercial pages I couldn’t find any excuses to avoid it, it’s static, it’s fast and it’s simple. Writing in markdown is trivial, I have my freedom again and you know what makes me happy too? It’s mine, it’s me, I designed it (lol, I know, there’s still a large room for improvement XD).

Jokes aside, I’ll try to migrate all the older posts here to make sure you won’t miss a thing, don’t worry, I’m really enjoying it so far and I hope you will too!